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This fine raw material is a fat, extracted from cocoa seeds, which contain cocoa butter from 50% to 70%. It is one of the most stable fats known, containing natural anti-oxidants.

Cocoa butter is perfect once used in food preparation because it has a high ignition point (230°C) unlike butter (160°C). It does not contain cholesterol and, deriving from cocoa, it is a vegetable butter. 




We exclusively employ whole cane sugar MASCOBADO, of Philippines origin. It's a whole cane sugar obtained from canes pressing and by juice concentration by means of water vaporization using cane residuals as fuel.

This sugar, produced in controlled conditions, is richer in nutrients than other similar sugars or than refined white sugar and, preserves the most part of natural minerals found in the juice of sugar cane: first of all IRON but also PHOSPHORUS, CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM and POTASSIUM.


The extra virgin olive oil that we employ in our production is rich in polyphenol, known as natural anti-oxidants.

Extra-virgin olive oil contained in KORA dulcis biscuits is rigorously produced in Italy, in particular Sicily and Calabry.


Carobs are the fruit of an evergreen tree (the carob tree), a typic and volunteer sicilian tree but also found in the south Mediterranean basin and it can reach an age of one hundred years.

Carob pulp flour is obtained from the seed of the plant, after drying it and then, transformed in flour.

Carob pulp flour is a valid cocoa powder substitute  both taste and nutritional values.

Very very rich in nutrients and it does not contain caffeine.


In chinese Kudzu means "eliminating poisoning". It's a plant whose origin is in China and Japan and can reach an age of one hundred years. It grows fastly both as climbing plant and root.

The kudzu root powder is a gluten-free starch. We employ this precious ingredient, which has many therapeutic uses, in our preparation as a natural thickener.


Whole sea salt is simply obtained from sea water vaporization. That's why it is not refined. It can supply minerals and other useful substances to our body as MAGNESIUM, ZINC, IODINE. Iodine is an important trace element for our well-being that normally is lost after the rifining of salt. It contains a lesser percentage of sodium chloride than normal salt..


In the days of our grandfathers, mostly in war time, chicory coffee represented the cheapest alternative to brasilian coffee. Chicory coffee is obtained from the plant root , very long and tapered. It is harvested in autumn, cleaned, dried and transformed in powder.

The taste is characteristic: the root is very bitter but by means of the drying and roasting processes gains a flavour which is very similar to brasilian coffee.

It does not contain caffeine and it stimulates digestion.


Citrus: we exclusively employ orange peels dried at low temperatures and then made powder.

Cinnamon: it's an evergreen tree, employed in therapeutic and aromatic uses. From cinnamon we take the bark, enveloped and dried in long sticks or reduced in powder.

Ginger: It's an aromatic and healing plant known in the popular medicine of many cultures both asian and occidental. The ginger part which is used is the rhyzome, that is the root. We employ it dried and reduced in powder. In our biscuits we employ it together with cinnamon in order to create a unique taste and flavour union, simply irreplaceable.

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