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We mean to introduce innovations into an already exhisting product such as oven cakes through the employment of exclusive raw materials.

To our knowledge and by a benchmark tasting of the main organic brands, it is not being traded, till today, an oven product made by the exclusive raw materials that are meant to be employed in the core business of this company.

We also mean to offer goods characterized by a small shelf life in order to guarantee a high organoleptic level unlike what is presently sold on the market: product vitality index in exchange for longer shelf life.


We mean to promote our goods, by virtue of their vital and organoleptic force, to communities particularly sensitive to the food factor as a key of their well being, such as school canteens and elderly people.


People who perceive the food factor as a decisive factor for their well being as well as children and elderly people, are particularly interested in our products. 


The challenge we face is to meet and find the right suppliers able to sell us truly organic raw materials. In other words the challenge would be to scout around suppliers that, on one side, have the formal organic certificate and, on the other, are truly devoted to organic farming and to the consequent environment safeguard.

What truly typify our product is the accurate selection and the exclusiveness of the raw materials employed. To this, it must be added a cutting-edge technology able not only to preserve the organoleptic features of the products but also to develop the inherent vitality level.


The employment of certified organic ingredients, the employment of recyclable packaging, the choice of suppliers able to control the whole production chain, are some of the variables that on one side distinguish our company and on the other side guarantee a sustainable and reduced environmental impact.

We strongly believe that an healthy nutrition represents the assumption on which we can base any psychophysical well-being consideration and, in particular, towards more vulnerable subjects as children, elder people or people with various handicap degrees.

Our company aims to supply products not only useful in appetizing the palate and able to fill the feeling of satiety but rather able to NOURISH its customers in the broadest sense of the word.


We have been developing a passion for cookery in every single aspect. On one side we are fascinated by its cultural dimension, its intrinsic power to hold people together in the history of human kind, on the other side its power to influence and change psycho-physical conditions of each of us. One of KORA DULCIS co-founder owes this particular sensitivity to her father, a pastry-cook maker who passed on to one's daughter, one's attitude to good taste and one's ability to perceive it. ​

She studied in depth as an autodidact the pastry-making art, since she was a teen ager, putting herself to the test.

Her grandfather was a pastry cook master as well and, that's the reason why she likes to define herself as "born into an artistic family" and grateful to have absorbed the meaning of work and mainly, of well done work made with passion.

Sha has always contributed to the family business. She always loved pastry production. During the academic studies she worked with her father who was shifting, in those days, his business of organic sweet products from an artisanal to a semi-industrial level. She was employed in the production department where she had the possibility to get used to various dough techniques. After the degree in economics she kept working with her father who never gone up to make innovation and research in order to adjust high quality recipes suitable for people with various degrees of food intolerance and allergies. 


We imagine a world where everybody can profit and take advantage from earth products, free from chemical substances and distinguished by a high vital index. From here, it arises our conviction to create cakes full of nourishing substances, tasty and healthy. We dream of a world where all the producers involved get the right remuneration and the right motivation to produce something good for themselves and for planet Earth because we firmly believe that if something starts on a right basis also the final result will have a high probability  to be the right one.

This is why we do not want to make compromises in the suplliers choice and, strictly connected, in the choice of raw materials we are going to employ.

A challenge will be the one to communicate to our customers that our products must be used within a short period since they are totally free of additives or artificial colourings.

We conceive KORA DULCIS not only as a biscuit and oven products maker, but rather as an information and a shifting conscience vector for all who come in contact with us.

We'd like to be a company which communicates by means  of a special kind of food, that it is possible to increase the human beings connection with all the other beings of the Universe because our products, as living products, can resonate with it.

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